What to consider when looking for a drill that gets the job done

Tips on buying cordless drill

Cordless drills are great tools for the do-you-it-yourself kind of guy. So this means the tool you select will determine the quality of output you get. For instance, it should have adequate power and torque in addition to a deep screw driving range. Other qualities are a powerful battery pack which can deliver enough energy to get the job done. Less important features are the speed settings and gear options. When buying the cordless drill, do not focus too much on receiving a good bargain, instead look at the features. Briefly outlined are some Tips on buying cordless drill.

The type of drill

There two main drill types – the hammer and the driver. Drivers are best suited for tasks such as driving screws and drilling holes through metal, plastic or timber. Today, this is the most popular type of drill. The hammer drill achieves the same goal but is used for drilling into rocks, concrete or brick. They are much heavier than the drivers. Other tools type available for sale in the hardware shops are best cordless impact driver (for driving bolts and loosening screws) and rotary hammers (heavy-duty drill commonly used by tradies). There are those who prefer to keep two drills, one for driving and the other for drilling. This is because most projects involve both tasks.


What are the battery options and their capabilities?

Most cordless tools, drills being no exception, use the powerful lithium-ion batteries. The older models run on nickel-cadmium batteries which operate great when worked hard. Unfortunately, the composition of the batteries is more environmentally friendly and less toxic than its lithium-ion counterparts. These battery options are perfect in delivering high-power over the useful life of your batteries.

It would be unfortunate to begin a task just to realize that the battery is dead when you need it most. Having a second battery is thus very important. It would be way cheaper buying your tool with an extra battery at the onset, than having to buy an extra battery later on.

The metric used for measuring battery capacity is the ampere-hours (Ah). Batteries with a large capacity operate much longer than the low capacity versions. However, this does not apply to all cases. The battery capacity is measured in volts. The higher the voltage, the better it’s torque. On testing the various models you will discover that there is a lot more to performance than the voltage relayed.


The chuck

At the end of any drill is a hole where the drill bits are placed, this is the chuck. Unless you are aiming to drill small holes for hanging pictures, you can opt for the 13mm chuck which accommodates larger drill bits. The smaller drill models are comfortable with 10mm chicks. Keyless chucks are more convenient as you can tighten them manually without having to look for a chuck key. All latest drill models arrive with key less chucks.

Speed control settings

The controls must be easy to understand and operate. The controls should enable the user to vary the speed as opposed to operating at full speed all the time. Low-speed control is perfect when trying drive a screw into tiles or metal surfaces that do not have good friction or adhesion.



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