Trampoline workouts – all you need to know

To get into shape, your body needs exercise routines that are easier to perform than doing more sets and reps at the gym. The best exercise routines are those that satisfy your body, mind, and soul. Here is where the trampoline exercise, workout plan comes in handy. Bouncing around your trampoline does not have the workout or chore feeling that comes with regularly going to the gym.

Exercising on a trampoline is known to control weight, reduce feelings of stress and depression, boost your self-confidence and reduce any risk of contracting diabetes.

A guide to getting more results with trampoline workouts

Benefits of trampoline workoutstrampoline

  • Improved joints – Trampolining is recommended for those with sensitive joints such as the ankles and knees. Light trampolining is regarded as a low impact plyometric as it does not majorly impact on critical joints.
  • Intensive – Trampoline workouts are more intensive than running yet less vigorous. Studies conducted from a cardiovascular perspective prove this. The rebound technique is used by astronauts to maintain their bone density when in space.
  • Improved lymphatic system – The body’s lymphatic system rids it of harmful toxins and waste. Trampoline exercises kick-start lymphatic functions.
  • Great balance – Through trampoline exercises, one increases their muscular activity. Studies show that trampoline interventions brought about significant improvements in the performance of participants when it comes to balance and motor tests. It’s the best alternative to physical activity programs that improve motor and balance.

It is enjoyable

Exercise is a proven way of shaking off feelings of anxiety and depression. Those on a health program find it difficult to keep up due as there is no motivation to carry on. Leading psychologists have written about the link between the drive to carry on with exercises and your mood. Within five minutes of mild exercise, your mood is enhanced. The best attribute of trampoline exercises the fun-filled aspect.

Starting out a new exercise program too strongly is one of the reasons people don’t like physical activity. When you work out past your respiratory threshold, it gets difficult to talk. This postpones the body’s feel-good mood enhancement for about 30 minutes. Amateurs might give up working out on that treadmill completely.

Common trampoline exercisesCommon trampoline

  • Standard jumping – Start out simply till you find an area of comfort on your daily trampoline routine. The workout routine is great for your core and other lower body parts. Start by imitating a jumping sequence without lifting yourself off the mat. Proceed as you increase your intensity.
  • Twist – As you jump, you can rotate your core mid-air. As you do the motions from side to side, you are eliminating fats and abdominal fats.
  • Jumping jacks – This workout is best suited when performing full-size trampoline jumps due to inadequate space on the minis. It takes some time to build up confidence and perform such stints.
  • Side hopping – Great exercises for rebounders that allow them to pick up speed and enjoy a more intense cardio workout. Jumping from side to side is more effective during the workout than jumping on one spot.
  • Weight-in-arms – You can combine running and jumping with low weight dumbbells that cover your upper body as you go about your routine. Several dumbbell exercises increase the upper body’s workout.
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