How to Care for a Bird Pet

Most homes keep domestic animals as a pet. There are many reasons for keeping pets, but the most important reason is, for the companionship and pleasure. Interestingly, most children love pets compared to adults. They love pet dogs, birds, and kittens among many other domesticated animals. However, most people disregard the fact that pets to have rights like human beings. Pets also need to be treated with dignity otherwise keepers risk losing them or in the worst case scenario could be arrested by veterinary officers and government agencies responsible for protecting animals rights. This article provides tips on how to specifically look after a bird pet.

Build a Safe Birdhouse


Birds are vulnerable to predators like dogs, especially during the night. House raised several meters from the ground will provide a safe shelter for the pet bird. Also, proper ventilation and doors should be made for fresh air to circulate inside.

Regular cleaning of Birdhouse

Birds excrete feces, especially at night. A simple routine of getting rid of the waste material should be conducted every morning. Otherwise, piles of bird feces could be a recipe for diseases. Diseases thrive in dirty areas, and therefore precautionary measures should be taken. If possible, you can purchase a sterilizer for cleaning purposes. They are sold at retail stores at affordable prices.

Routine Feeding

Feeding is an activity every bird pet keeper should enjoy. Birds like to feed almost every second of their day except in the evening when they retire to their house after a usually busy day. Saving some money to buy your pet bird some cereals is a good thing. Don’t let them be hungry otherwise, they will escape for greener pastures. You also need to give them water.


birdsPet birds are prone to diseases like flu which spreads like fire on dry grass. If untreated, a pet bird can easily die. A pet bird keeper should ensure birds are treated by a qualified veterinary officer to prevent them from diseases.
Show affection
Bird pet sometimes gets lonely too. The owner can show affection by playing with the pet bird or finding an object for the bird to play with. Pet birds are like human beings, they need to be massaged, handled well and allowed to play.

Train it for competitions

Numerous pieces of evidence have revealed birds are very intelligent. Some pet birds such as eagles can be trained to participate in competitions.…

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