Practical Tips For Increasing Student Engagement In Class

The use of modern technology in classrooms has become one of the hottest topics right now. You will find many people using terms such as e-learning, m-learning, flipped classroom and blended learning. Most of these buzzwords are widely used in the social media as revolutionary solutions to the challenges facing the education sector. Instructors are always looking for innovative ways which would help in improving the understanding of their students and retaining the content being taught.

The advancement in technology is one of the cornerstones of the classic learning environment. Schools are currently investing in modern technology. This has led to the creation of new services and products which are aimed at improving the learning environment. Teachers are constantly leveraging on new technology to increase the engagement of their students. Following the tips discussed below will greatly help you in enhancing the learning environment.

Shortening the lesson start time

This will involve starting your lessons on time. This is one of the greatest ways of setting your students expectations once the bell is rung. However, with increasing technology, it can be challenging to start your class quickly. There are some technical difficulties which can limit the productivity of your workspace. This means that it is imperative to look for effective solutions which support the start-up time. The technology chosen should be capable of grabbing the attention of your students quickly.

Leveraging the pesky devices and smartphones

Almost every person has adopted the mobile technology including the students. You will find some of the students bring their phones into the classroom. This can be very challenging to the teachers. You can imagine having a class of students who are spending much of their time on their tablets and phones each day.

However, the use of these devices can help in achieving a positive outcome when they are used for collaboration/studying in the classroom. For instance, students can use these devices when communicating with their colleagues or faculty. Students should be discouraged from using these devices in classrooms as they can distract them from concentrating in class. Typically, these devices should be leveraged in the classroom as utensils or tools for broader engagement.

Flipping the classroom

This is a new learning model which is increasingly gaining popularity in the modern days. This is a model in which students are given an opportunity to spend class time and view their lectures at home collaborating assignments with the help of an instructor. This is done to maximize the available resources and class time for greater effectiveness.